Guest Comments …

“One of the best facilities we have used! Incredible staff! And a truly lovely experience. Thank you!”

“The most hospitable and professional camp experience I’ve ever had, and I’ve been to a lot of camps!”

“This place is amazing!!! Everything is so beautiful. The attention to detail on this structure is splendid. The outdoors is fantastic. The experience brought the whole family together. Thank you all so much.”

“Don’t think I’ve ever been here without wishing hard I could stay longer.”

“Love it all! Stunningly beautiful!”

“What a beautiful place in God’s amazing creation! Everything was provided for a wonderful time enjoying family together. Thant you for providing such a perfect venue to gather and celebrate my mom’s 85th birthday!”

“Thank you Ingalls Creek for providing us with the perfect place for winter retreat!”

“It’s a place of grace and peace, and I want to find ways to stay engaged and contribute!”

“This is a ‘slice of heaven’ right here on earth!”

“Having open-air worship among the trees, with the birds singing along ministered peace and connection, to my soul.”

“Ingalls Creek Enrichment Center was a perfect facility and location for our event. The range of facilities met the multiple needs of a group of couple and singles.  The kitchen facilities cover the desire to feed large groups (well-equipped main center kitchen) down to individuals or small groups in the main building suite or adjacent houses. The center property is well appointed for all ages and seasons, allowing for group fun and places for personal reflection among the natural beauty of the grounds.”

“My experience at Ingalls Creek is unforgettable … Ingalls Creek is a superb place!”

“I have enjoyed Ingalls Creek as a place that is more than a meeting location; it is a home, a place where something special flourishes, where a group of people can feel united by significant shared characteristics, where the surroundings and hospitality are uniquely ideal for bringing human beings together in order to gain deep intuitive understanding into perplexing issues in a very harmonious style.”

“I loved my experience at Ingalls Creek Enrichment Center. It truly was a time of renewal and uplifting spiritual growth.  Beautiful setting…everything was top-notch and well-thought out (housing, food, itinerary, etc.).  Great attention to detail and purpose for the gathering.”