Starting the conversation

Your group is unique! At Ingalls Creek we seek to provide you with the best event plan to fit your specific group needs. From selection of dates and appropriate facilities/accommodations, to best pricing for your event and other planning details, we’re here to assist you.

For general questions, call or email our Guest Services Director at (509) 548-3306 or

If you already have a specific event in mind, please submit an Event Planning Inquiry form (below). The more we know about your specific group needs, the better we can help you and expedite the process. We will reply, and look forward to assisting you in putting together a great event!

Scheduling and planning

Select your dates

Click the Ingalls Creek booking calendar here for open dates that fit your needs. Please confirm with us that they are still available, as some dates may be pending finalization with another group. The calendar shows confirmed Lodge and Bray Cabin bookings.

Booking a facility

We offer a variety of facilities, amenities, sleeping accommodations, and recreational opportunities. We will help you select the accommodations that best fit your needs. See our facilities page.

Ingalls Creek General Brochure front

Ingalls Creek General Brochure Inside

Cost estimate

We prepare an estimate. Rates vary based on your private or nonprofit status, number of people per night, sleeping accommodations selected, and time of week or year. Our Guest Service Director will work with you to prepare a cost estimate based on your specific needs. For a quick glance at current rates, see below:

2023 Rate Sheet for Ingalls Creek .docx

Booking your event

Once you and Guest Services have agreed on your event plan and date, you are ready to book your event! Your next step is to receive a User Agreement from our Guest Services Director, fill it out, and return it to us. This agreement clarifies your booking dates, numbers you expect, and required contact information for you and your group.

Flexible payment

Once your reservation is confirmed, your user agreement and event deposit are both received, you’ll need to send us a deposit. Depending on which facilities you are renting, your deposit is 50% of your stay or the deposit amount indicated on your estimate. Payment can be completed online by credit card (PayPal) or by mailing us a check. Find out more on our making a payment page.

Do I need a Certificate of Insurance?

Yes. Each group is required to submit a Certificate of Insurance obtained from their insurance company. It must list Ingalls Creek Center as additional insured and include the dates that you will be using our facility. Please have it emailed or delivered by mail to us at least 1 week prior to your event. For family group exceptions, please confirm with Guest Services.

What’s next?

Once your User Agreement and deposit have been received, we will confirm your booking on the calendar and notify you that you are all set. We will be happy to provide you with any additional information you would like on facilities, amenities, kitchen, sleeping arrangements, etc.

User Agreement 2023


If you have additional questions, give us a call and we will be glad to assist you and put an estimate together for you to review.

Submit a Booking Inquiry.

To inquire about renting the facility for your event, please complete the following form. This is the first step in the booking process. Give us some information about your group and retreat needs. We look forward to working with you to finalize arrangements.