Vision / Ministry

We envision building a network of people who embrace the life-shaping goodness, rhythms, power, and calling of God. At Ingalls Creek, people gain clarity about their faith, their calling, and their contribution to the world.


Ingalls Creek Enrichment Center gathers people who seek to connect their faith, life, and work in the richness of community, sending them into our changing society with a renewed sense of Christian calling.


Northwest American culture has moved on a steady trajectory away from previous views of life and faith, and today only a small fraction of young adults report any relevance of “church” to their day to day experience. Churches, denominations and Christians in all walks of life are looking for ways to connect in positive ways with this emerging post-Christian context. We seek to equip God’s people—the church—to engage this changing world, demonstrating God’s love in every aspect of their lives.

The Center for Faith, Calling, and Community at Ingalls Creek

The Center for Faith, Calling and Community at Ingalls Creek is designed to help people find ways to reconnect their faith and live out their calling, discovering God’s best for their lives.

The Center will focus on three vital, interwoven pursuits:

  •      Faith: How does my faith in God inform my worldview and address the world’s most perplexing questions?
  •     Calling: What role do I play in fulfilling God’s purposes? Do my life and work really matter?
  •     Community: How can I journey with others on the same path and build a flourishing community?

Confluence Conferences and Retreats

Confluence Conferences and Retreats meet people at transition points in life, becoming the central hub for conversations that really matter. They address how Christians engage our culture in key areas:

  •     Faith and Life – Why a biblical worldview matters, and how it changes everything.
  •     Faith at Work – Equipping Christians to participate in God’s work in the marketplace.
  •     Faith and Family – Living with depth and meaning as we engage everyday relationships and tasks throughout our lives.
  •     Faith and the Arts – Discovering and expressing creativity to the glory of God.
  •     Stewardship of Creation – Exploring ways to care for creation as an integral part of our calling and responsibility.

People from diverse backgrounds will come together to discover their purpose, experience renewal in their relationships, and help others flourish in life according to God’s design.

Retreats and conferences are held in partnership with educational institutions, professional associations, churches, ministries and businesses that share our commitment to renewal.

Clarity of Calling

In Times of Transition people need space for renewal and clarity. We provide tailored events in a relational setting that help people gain clear direction for the road the lies ahead.

 Equipping the Next Generation

Among the most critical times in life is the transition from High School to College and throughout the college experience. During this season of life, the influence of peers, professors and academic study shapes their worldview, and can make or break a student’s commitment to Christ for a lifetime. Ingalls Creek provides a training ground for high school and college-aged students in the critical times of transition through mentoring and community.

“The Center for Faith, Calling and Community will equip people to become grounded in their faith and create a community that fosters lifelong friendships.”

Bob Paul, Ph.D., Dean, St. Andrews Hall, University of British Columbia

“Instead of a fragmented life, God is calling us to learn to live an integrated life that flows together.”

Ralph Kieneker, Pastor of West Side Church (Richland) a supporting congregation

“Confluence says it all: The heart of a family, the beauty of a place, the presence of God, flow into space for reflection, renewal and reaction; where belief informs behavior, where ownership fuels labor, and love embraces justice; surrounded by water, wind and Spirit.”

Walter C. Wright, Jr., Author of Relational Leadership and the Third Third of Life

“This fellowship [at Ingalls Creek] has shown me that ministry is found everywhere. One does not not to be a pastor in order to be engaged in ministry. Prior to this fellowship, I knew this in my head, but now it is something I have witnessed. This fellowship has given me greater appreciation of all the ways people are engaged in ministry across their talents and gifts. The body of Christ truly functions as a body.”

Adrianna Horsey, Whitworth University, Summer Fellowship Student

Building Community

Ingalls Creek gathers people who share common passions and desire the richness of community, equipping them with a renewed sense of calling. We strive to serve a broad audience of youth and adults at every stage of life.

Toward this end, we …

Bring together professionals to explore how Christian faith and Scripture intersect with the context of their vocation.

Equip young adults for transitions to college, to career, and to marriage and family.

Encourage and build up churches, supporting pastors to lead in fulfilling the Great Commission and making life-long disciples.

Gather families to renew relationships through our summer family camps.

Create a sacred space for people to focus on their relationship with God and their connection to creation.