Ingalls Creek is a retreat and training center designed to equip thousands of Christians in the Pacific Northwest who seek to fulfill their life’s purpose and significantly impact the communities where they live, work, and serve.

We call this “confluence” – where the divided energy of life comes together as a single, powerful, current of meaning, purpose, and joyful community.

A place where

  • Young adults embrace a biblical worldview that shapes their vision for life.
  • Working men and women come to recognize their work in light of God’s work.
  • People of all ages move from fragmented living to more meaningful and fruitful lives.

With 30 years of experience teaching people how to integrate their faith, work, and calling, Ingalls Creek is uniquely equipped to come alongside people in times of transition, helping them reclaim, restore, and renew their lives.

…as Christians live vibrant, connected lives within their local communities, people will be drawn one step closer to Jesus.

Doug Waltar, Executive Director

The Glory of God is a human person fully alive!

Irenaeus, Early Church Father