Aging Well: Living Arrangements

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Sunday, April 24th – Wednesday, April 27th

An Ingalls Creek retreat presented by the Center for Faith, Calling, and Community

Take time in a beautiful mountain setting to explore together the complex issues that face us in this stage of life. Participants will be empowered to make positive choices that result in flourishing lives as we encounter God, family, and friends who walk this journey with us.

During our time together, experience …

Presentations on the issues associated with aging

Resources for practical planning

Dynamic interactions with presenters

Shared meals and small group discussions

Time together, celebrating friendship and God’s faithfulness

In a rich environment of friendship and celebration, this retreat offers time to walk the trails, explore Leavenworth, or take a good nap! Together we’ll explore spiritual, physical, and emotional health for this stage of life.

Enjoy walking the Ingalls Creek trails …

Topics in our Aging Well Series highlight presentations and exercises such as …

  • Expected & unexpected life changes we face, and how to prepare
  • Being spiritually awake and engaged
  • Exploring medical concerns in aging
  • Discovering resources and finding support
  • Family communications that matter
  • Living with the best care possible
  • Home care and residential living – options for coping with life’s changes and stress (e.g. “when should we move and where to we go?”)
  • Improving physical health and fitness through preventative health measures, exercise and diet
  • Active leadership, mentoring, and volunteer service in retirement
  • Healthy responses to grief & loss

For this April event, we host GUIDED CONVERSATIONS surrounding the broad topic of living arrangement decisions, offering a safe space for YOUR participation, learning, fellowship, encouragement, and growth.

Retreat Costs

  • $516 – for a couple for onsite housing (3 nights), private room, private or semi-private bath, all meals and program
  • $258 – for a single for onsite housing (3 nights), semi-private room and semi-private bath, all meals and program
  • $306 – for a couple for offsite housing, all meals and program
  • $153 – for a single for offsite housing, all meals and program
  • $50 – scholarship request deposit

Ingalls Creek offers housing options for private, semi-private, and shared rooms and baths. Depending on your needs, and on-site housing availability, here’s a link to some off-site housing options not too far away.

Testimonials …

“The fellowship and vulnerability with each other was great! God’s love and Spirit were evident.”

“The subject matter was right on and so thought-provoking. It has moved me to get moving on my end-of-life desires and wishes. I thank you for loving me enough to show me the way.”

“We laughed, we cried, we enjoyed the sunshine and the rapid flow of the creek. We rejoiced with precious friends. We loved the challenge and struggles and we love being closer to God!

“This experience was ultimately important to me as a Christian. It has been deeply impactful to my faith and how I will choose to finish the race.”

~Participant comments