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Center for Faith, Calling, and Community

Watch for registration details under “Upcoming Events” on the Ingalls Creek website. Dates shown below are subject to change. Stay tuned!

Aging Well: Ages 65(ish) plus

Purposeful Living

September 18-21 – Join us at Ingalls Creek for an in person retreat to explore ways to live purposeful and meaningful lives in the last third of life.

Living Well: Ages 50-65(ish)

Embracing God’s Calling

September 30-October 2 – At this retreat, we’ll be diving deeply into the theme “Embracing God’s Calling,” to explore and investigate God’s calling during this stage of our lives.

Adulting Well: Ages 18-30(ish)

August 5-8 – Join us for an in person retreat at Ingalls Creek to explore the topics of “Who am I? Where am I headed?” and “How do I get there?”

Summer Fellowship REACH Intern Program

The interns have arrived from Whitworth University, are living in community at Ingalls Creek, and are serving in the larger Wenatchee Valley.