Aging Well Series – Virtual Event May 14

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TIME: Friday, May 14, 2021 (8:45 a.m. – noon). This event is online.

TOPIC: Walking on Troubled Waters in 2020-2021

  • A Virtual Conference on Coping with Guilt, Anxiety, and Fear
  • Featuring conversations with experienced presenters and breakout sessions

This series is sponsored by the Center for Faith, Calling, and Community at Ingalls Creek

Conference Goal:  Discovering healthy Biblical responses to our emotional life

The Ingalls Creek Center for Faith, Calling, and Community offers occasional virtual events on topics important to the people we serve.  While gathering online is not the same as an in-person gathering in the mountains, participants in these online events have reported that they found the experience to be surprisingly engaging and helpful! Staff is now preparing for onsite retreats to resume soon.

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Engage with peers and expert facilitators to talk about issues facing adults as they age.

Who: Adults age 65 and up

Content: This event, hosted online through Zoom, will interactively address

  • Healthy responses to grief – anger – fear (GAF) vis-à-vis active empathic listening. (Pastor – Rev. Dr. George Gilchrist).
    • We gain so much when we can “name it – talk about” feelings like grief, anger, and fear in a safe environment.
  • Walking on Troubled Waters – Personal Stories (a panel discussion)
  • Two breakout sessions
    • time to personally engage with the issues and with others, in addition to group Q&A.
  • What can we do to keep our joy up when anguish seeks to pull us down? (Psychiatrist Dr. Fred Montgomery)
  • How self-compassion can strengthen our hope, reduce our suffering, and connect us with God’s love in these dark and worrisome times. (Counselor – Rebecca Valentine)


  • Doug Williams, event facilitator
  • Rev. Douglas Waltar, Executive Director at Ingalls Creek 
  • Rev. Dr. George Gilchrist, Pastor
  • Dr. Fred Montgomery, Psychiatrist
  • Rebecca Valentine, Counselor
  • Rev. Dr. Bill Starr, Ingalls Creek Board Chair
  • Margie Gilchrist, Zoom call technical coordinator
  • Dr. Steve Voorhies, planning team


Due to sponsorship support, we invite you to participate in this event at no charge. Following our time together, you will receive an email with evaluation questions and instructions on how you can help sponsor future events.


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