Ingalls Creek Bridge Program

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Winter/Spring 2021

Bridge Program: Foundations for Life & Faith (an 8-week adventure)

Ingalls Creek is exploring a new program for young adults (ages 18-22). What will it look like?

  • A focused learning environment within an intentional Christ-focused residential community.
  • A beautiful place and engaging program aimed to help young adults learn and grow in life skills and why Christian faith matters to their personal lives, relationships, and future work choices and commitments. 
  • An integrated offering of practical hands-on learning, conversations rooted in Biblical study and contemporary questions, and personal discovery living in a community of peers.

Some high school graduates are taking a gap year to work or stay at home. Others currently enrolled for college credit may choose to take spring term off, if campus life does not significantly loosen social restrictions. This program is for Christian young adults looking for something different in winter/spring 2021!

Program Description

“Bridge” is an 8 week residential opportunity offered by the Center for Faith, Calling, and Community at Ingalls Creek (near Leavenworth, Washington).  Christian young adults in their “gap year” will enjoy living in community with up to 12 or 15 of their peers, residing at the retreat center main lodge, while exploring experiences that build skills for adulthood. In this stunningly beautiful natural setting, connection and community combine with shared learning that will expand your view of yourself, God, your neighbor, and the created world. Worship, hands-on learning, service, and discussion will take place making the connections between faith and life that offers a foundation for a lifetime of Christian living. You will not want to miss this opportunity to “grow forward.” 

  • Experience community with others your age
  • Grow in understanding God, yourself, and your calling in the world
  • Develop new skills, and engage the wilderness outdoors.

COST:  $2,850 (some limited financial assistance may be available for special circumstances, though most participants will be asked to raise their own tuition). Any required COVID-19 testing or vaccination fees shall be the responsibility of participants.

If age 18-22, please complete this 4 minute survey today AND pass this on to a friend! Your input will help shape the experience:

Applications by request.