What Now? What Next? – an online retreat

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Living Between Adult Children & Aging Parents

A Virtual Retreat at Ingalls Creek

ONLINE April 3rd 7-8:30 p.m. and April 4th 9-11 a.m.

It’s a time of life full of change. As children leave home, parents get older, and careers begin to shift, many adults in the 55-65 age range find themselves asking questions like:

  • Does anyone have a map? (exploring dynamics of changing and unexpected family roles)
  • How do I engage with my grown children? What does this new relationship look like?
  • How do I honor my aging parents? (tending to grief & loss, role reversals, support)
  • How can my significant relationships grow deeper and stronger when so much else is changing?
  • How is God speaking? What time is it in my life, and what is this time for?
  • How does God’s calling involve my passions and gifts? What does it mean to love God and serve humanity now?

We’re also facing special concern right now for friends, parents, and loved ones as COVID-19 continues to spread and radically alter our day-to day lives. In the midst of such upheaval, how do we continue to pursue the Lord and the lives God is calling us to live in our communities?

How is God calling us forward at this time and place?

Virtual Retreat at Ingalls Creek

Explore these questions together April 3rd-4th through Ingalls Creek’s “What Now? What Next?” Virtual Retreat. Although coronavirus prevents us from gathering in many of our typical settings, it is good that we “not give up meeting together … but encourage each other” (Hebrews 10:25). Through two online sessions, including both large-group and break-out time, we’ll celebrate the chance to see each other’s faces and explore these big questions together, guided by retreat facilitator David Westerlund.

Retreat Goal:

Together we’ll explore the complex issues facing us in the 55-65 (ish) life stage years. We will take time to consider the unique gifts, passions and priorities of this part of life’s journey with each other, our families, our communities, and with God.


Retreat Facilitator: David Westerlund

David’s workshops draw on the principles of Improv. He writes, “As humans we are all improvisers – adjusting, adapting, discerning, tuning in to each other, creating, collaborating in the unfolding moments of life.” His workshops aim to create “trust, joy, and creativity” through a different way of being together around a shared topic.

Friday night session (April 3rd, 7-8:30PM). In our first session, we’ll get acquainted and begin to explore the deep questions we’re asking in this stage of life, and why they matter so much.

Saturday morning session (April 4th, 9-11AM). Using the new perspectives and skill sets we’ve been introduced to on Friday evening, we’ll focus on how to take new approaches with us to impact our ordinary places of family, work, and life.

This retreat will pave the way for future on-site gatherings at Ingalls Creek on this topic.


Dates / Time: Friday April 3rd, 7-8:30PM and Saturday, April 4th, 9-11AM.

Cost: $25 per registration link.*

*No charge for those already registered for the POSTPONED “What Now? What Next” April 3-6 on-site retreat. This original announced on-site event will be rescheduled. However, ALL participants need to register for this NEW event.

Please invite your friends! Without the ordinary retreat size limitations, this is an opportunity for a wider circle of people to engage through the Ingalls Creek Center for Faith, Calling, and Community. If you have friends in the 55-65(ish) age range, please invite them to join in!

Flyer below is a 15 MB file and will take a few moments to download.

For Registration, click this link: https://wmt.suran.com/tool?guid=d92b4592-6595-11ea-ae08-2d5eb4114e5a


Questions? Contact Doug Waltar (doug@ingallscreek.org)